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Who loves a good crawlspace under their house to fix plumbing? What about the dirt floor? No? Or the cold cement floor basement that, up until now, has become your storage area because it's more convenient than the attic... The reality is that basements have come along way over the years for those that have the right vision. It can either be the out of sight out of mind part of your house that has very little use up until now, or it can become your ultimate staycation getaway space.


Why can't you have a basement where you finally have a guest bedroom for out of town guests? We're not talking a room in the corner no one goes to. Rather,  we mean that getaway space near where your new indoor bar and Super Bowl setup is.

Imagine a 70" TV streaming all sports in HD and surround sound. Wrap around sofa and the coffee table has appetizers and drinks. You have invited friends over to play some pool on your green slate table and your best friend just scratched on the eight (you've won!) What do you envision your perfect basement to be?

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